Devil In Disguise

Bluegrass Album Band

C       A#       C                A#            F 
She's a devil in disguise you can see it in her eyes 
                    C            A#       F           C        F 
She's telling dirty lies she's a devil in disguise in disguise 
C                     F               C 
Now a woman like that all she does is hate you 
                      F             C 
She doesn't know what makes a man a man 
                      F                     C 
She'll talk about the times that she's been with you 
       F                               C 
She'll speak your name to everyone she can 
Repeat #1 
C               F              C 
Unhappiness has been her close companion 
                     F            C 
Her world is full of jealousy and doubt 
                   F            C 
It gets her off to see a person crying 
      F                               C 
She's just the kind that you can do without 
Repeat #1 
C                 F                C 
Her number always turns up in your pocket 
                 F             C 
Whenever you are looking for a dime 
                  F                 C 
It's all right to call her but I'll bet you 
    F                                    C 
The moon is full and you're just wasting time 
Repeat #1