Back To The Cross

Bluegrass Album Band

G                              C 
I'm out on the sea filled with sorrows 
G                         D7 
Tossed like a ship to and fro 
    G                      C 
I'm seeking the help of my Savior 
       G          D7           G 
By the way of the cross I must go 
Back to the cross and to Jesus 
G                      D7 
Back to the cross I am called 
     G                        C 
I've drifted too far and I've wandered 
         G           D7          G 
From the Savior that once was my own 
The joys of this life are too fleeting 
G                        D7 
And I'm left in troubles alone 
     G                     C 
I've lost the touch of His presence 
     G           D7       G 
I've drifted too far from home 
Repeat #2 
The sins of this world have overcome me 
G                          D7 
Have pushed and left me to roam 
       G                C 
So I'm going back to my Savior 
G           D7        G 
Back to the cross and home 
Repeat #2